My internship has been such a great experience and I feel I have grown throughout the whole thing. i have learned how to stay positive during stressful times, which helps vibes in the office. I have been able to keep good communication with my family and friends because I am far away. Because I am so far a way I have learned how to deal with missing my friends and family, this gave me a taste of what college will be like. I have become more mature and able to take on lots of tasks going back and forth from one task to another with no problem. I have now understood what "real" winter is like and how to live in subzero conditions. It gave me a college like feel because I was in a place where I only knew my grandparents and I could not just go back home when my work day was over. I have realized that I don't want to go to college where it's cold for many months of the year. I am glad I got the opportunity to decide before I started applying to schools. It also showed me what a fun work place is like, I always enjoyed going to work because I knew it would be fun and not boring. Communication and collaboration are very import, without it the work place would not run smoothly. I didn't realize how much collaboration the chamber does with other businesses, there whole job is based on working and helping out with the community. 

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    January 2014