My internship is very different from a school week. For starters I start work at 10 am and get off at 5pm with an hour lunch during the day. The timing is a lot different from school because I go in later and get home later, it's more of a "normal" work schedule I would say. I don't mid getting home at 5 because I don't really have anything else going on. During school I like getting home I enjoy getting off of school at an earlier time. The environment itself is completely different from school, I work in a small office where there is a Marin office to the right side of us and a gymnasium on the left side. I am always interacting with adults and elderly. At school I am with people my age, here I have only met two teenagers, which are my mentors children. The work is a lot different as well, my day is not schedule, plans always change and everyday is different.  I don't have homework which is nice, when I leave at 5 all of my responsibilities are done with and don't start up again until 10 am the next day. I am working this Saturday for the community awards which is the biggest event of the year in Ionia. I really enjoy the independence that I am given, for example I like being able to take my lunch hour when ever I want. Some days I take it at 12 and other days I wait until 1:30 to go out. Its kind of the same as school because I get to eat at different restaurants/ stores. This internship has made me grow up a little, I have thousands of miles between me and my family/home. The distance gave me an idea of what college will be like and the weather has made me not want to go to a college where it snows  and is cold for months. I feel like I have become more responsible with my time and my ability to go out of my comfort zone and do things I would normally not do. I am happy that I got to experience winter and what a real job is like. 

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    January 2014