I am working on the Community Awards which is an event on January 25th. This means I have to make phone calls, send out mail/emails, go and visit different businesses, going to meetings, decorating widow displays. I also will be doing other things but they will be happening next week. After the event I will be helping get ready for the big expo happening in February. I am really excited for the event on the 25th because there will be a red carpet and you get to dress really nice. The only thing I’m nervous about is not having everything go as planned. Having me working om this project is giving them a little breathing room because I am able to do the little things and other simple tasks that need to be done. Because I have computer skills it has really be beneficial for me/my mentor. I also have taught them a few things on the computer which they are very thankful for.    

1/22/2014 12:11:28 pm

Can't wait to hear about the red carpet event! That all sounds very exciting! I'm sure it will go wonderfully!

1/22/2014 01:03:38 pm

Oh Lychelle, you are so tech savvy coming from High Tech High. They are very lucky to have you! That sounds like a fun project, make sure to take tons of pictures at the red carpet! Love you


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