The office I work in is inside of a 100 year old building. It also houses a gymnasium as well as the park and recreation center on the second floor. Next to our office there is a Marine recruiting office. When you first walk into our little section there is a big desk where Tina works. In the front of her desk are a few chairs for people to sit in when discussing upcoming events. There is some room to walk around so it does not feel too crammed. There is a connection hallway that connects the front to Tinas office and that is where the large printer and paper cutter stays. When you get to the front there is a desk area and two computer screens. Next to the desk is a large cabinet where I work from. I get a nice chair and a laptop to work off of. Over all it’s a nice size for three people, it starts to get crowded when we have 5 or more people in here. I also do a lot of work outside the office which makes it even more fun. (normal days I work 10-5pm)

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    January 2014