Some new habits that I have developed are consistently checking my email for any new information my mentor might have sent me. Being able to be flexible, meaning if I'm in the middle of a task that I was assigned but something new and more important came up I don't have any problem dropping what I'm doing to go work on the new task. These new skills will help me through out my life because it will keep me in the loop and always being ready for something new.  

Good Job Lychelle! The new habits you've learned seem to be good ones to know in order to help you out in the next semester.

1/22/2014 01:15:32 pm

Great work Lychelle! hows Michigan? I bet its cold. Kepp up the great work L shell your doing amazing

1/22/2014 01:50:45 pm

Those sound like really great skills that you have gained! I agree with you that being able to pick up new tasks when needed is super important, I'm so glad that you've found that internship is helping you grow in new ways!


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