The work I have done during my time here at the chamber has been very helpful in many ways. I came at the busiest time of year for the chamber and I was able to help out with a lot of different things. Most of my work was helping getting ready for the Community Awards that happened this past Saturday. I worked on phone calls, mailing, deliveries, paperwork, decorating, creating a slide show the ran during the cocktail hour before the award show started and many other things in the office. All of the things were meaningful and significant to the chamber and to the award show itself. Everyday I was given different tasks that would help make the award show happen and run smoothly. All of my projects where given to me with the ability to change/simplify anything that would make it better or easier for the person who would need to work on it after I get done. I used many different skills depending on the kind of task I was assigned that day. For phone calls and when interacting with others I would be friendly and respectful, making sure I was listening and taking note on the important things. When doing office/paper work I would make sure I understood what I was suppose to do and how I should go about doing it before I got started, this minimized the amount of mistakes I made. With decorating I would ask Tina what she wanted and then add anything extra that I thought would make it better. Listening and communicating skills where extremely important for my internship, if I was not doing those things I would have made a lot more mistakes and would have slowed down the work seed. I learned how to stay calm when others are worried and stressed, I was able to share some breathing and relaxing stretching that we practiced whenever we needed a short break before diving back into hours of work. This was also a key skill because it helped the energy in the office.  

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    January 2014