The office I work in is inside of a 100 year old building. It also houses a gymnasium as well as the park and recreation center on the second floor. Next to our office there is a Marine recruiting office. When you first walk into our little section there is a big desk where Tina works. In the front of her desk are a few chairs for people to sit in when discussing upcoming events. There is some room to walk around so it does not feel too crammed. There is a connection hallway that connects the front to Tinas office and that is where the large printer and paper cutter stays. When you get to the front there is a desk area and two computer screens. Next to the desk is a large cabinet where I work from. I get a nice chair and a laptop to work off of. Over all it’s a nice size for three people, it starts to get crowded when we have 5 or more people in here. I also do a lot of work outside the office which makes it even more fun. (normal days I work 10-5pm)

This week has been a great first start for my internship! I got to do a lot of different kinds of things, from answering phone calls to decorating window displays. The highlight has to be the window display just because it was fun to create and it was a new experience.  The main project I am working on it getting ready for the Community Awards on January 25th, this is the biggest event of the year for the Chamber. I will be doing lots of different kinds of this leading up to the event. Because I am in a different state no one is going to be able to go out and visit my internship. 
I have met lots of people so far by going to different kinds of meetings. At my internship there is two other payed employees that both work part time. I have only got to meet one of them named Amy and I have worked a lot with her. She works on the financial side of the Chamber and also does the online work such as updating the website. She has taught me how to take calls and how to make sure all of the checks/donations are accounted for.  I also have been working along side her 16 year old daughter, due to the winter weather the schools have been closed and so comes in and helps with whatever we are working on. She helps her mom a lot when she can because around this time of year they're getting ready/setting up for a lot of different events.  She has been helping me with little jobs like driving me to Walmart so we could buy things for the big award ceremony at the end of the month. It is nice to have her around because we are in the same grade and is my only teenager/friend that I have up here.  
After meeting my mentor and visiting the site for the first time today I became extremely excited to start working on some of the big projects they have going on during the time I will be with them. I am also excited to meet new people and start living like a local. I am excited because this is all new to me, first of all the weather is below 0 most days and consistently snowing. I only know two people in this town and they are my grandparents. I am excited and scared to be away from home for this amount of time. This only thing I am concerned about is the weather; so far it had been the coldest winter in 20 years. Regarding my internship I am not nervous about anything in particular because Tina seems to be very understanding and east going. I just hope that I don’t disappoint her. I am really excited for it to start tomorrow and to see what the rest of this month will look like!


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    January 2014