I have met lots of people so far by going to different kinds of meetings. At my internship there is two other payed employees that both work part time. I have only got to meet one of them named Amy and I have worked a lot with her. She works on the financial side of the Chamber and also does the online work such as updating the website. She has taught me how to take calls and how to make sure all of the checks/donations are accounted for.  I also have been working along side her 16 year old daughter, due to the winter weather the schools have been closed and so comes in and helps with whatever we are working on. She helps her mom a lot when she can because around this time of year they're getting ready/setting up for a lot of different events.  She has been helping me with little jobs like driving me to Walmart so we could buy things for the big award ceremony at the end of the month. It is nice to have her around because we are in the same grade and is my only teenager/friend that I have up here.  

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    January 2014